Senior Computer Security System Specialist

Company Name:
RCJ Consulting,LLC
Senior Computer Security System Specialist; comp $60 to $90K on 1099 or W2
MSDE is a State agency that was established in 1916, and is overseen by The State Board of Education, to provide for the "general care and supervision of public education" in Maryland. MDSE is currently made up of 16 Divisions that oversee, develop, and support the delivery of PreK-12 education through 24 county schools systems.
MSDE exemplifies energetic leadership and innovative products and services to improve public education, library services, and rehabilitation services. The Agency has receives funds from the US Department of Education and other entities to implement educational reforms in Maryland and improve the collection and dissemination of information on school and student performance.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Analyze and define security requirements for MLS issues.
Design, develop, engineer, and implement solutions to MLS requirements.
Gather and organize technical information about an organization's mission goals and needs, existing security products, and ongoing programs in the MLS arena.
Perform risk analyses, to include risk assessment
Install, setup configure, support, and maintain settings for Oracle OAAM and IDM for access management, strong authentication, Federation, and single sign-on (SSO).
Install, setup configure, support, and maintain SSO integration with Oracle 11g Business Intelligence Enterprise suite (OBIEE).
Install, setup configure, support, and maintain SSO integration with Oracle 11g WebCenter Portal suite and content management.
Produce weekly status report.

Don't Be Fooled

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